Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Camera Search - Not too pricey!

This is going to be a short and sweet post but I am in search of a new camera and I know most of you take some GREAT pictures...(Mandy). I am looking for a camera but don't want to spend a fortune. I mean I would love to spend a fortune if I had one to spend but I don't so I will just say that I don't want to spend a fortune and that way it doesn't sound so bad. I would love a nice digital camera that takes good pictures and if any of you have any suggestions I would be so greatful. Thank you in advance for the info. Have a blessed day.
Oh and one more thing....I am going to be more faithful to my blog so look for things to pick up.
Take care - Lisa


  1. Awww, thanks! I'll send you an email later today with some links to some cameras that we researched before we bought ours.


  2. I've only had canon's - which I've loved. Good luck!

  3. I don't have any camera advice, but I have missed you and am glad you are back!!! I will be interested to see what camera advice you get because mine is SO old. My 15 year old daughter lost hers and won't even borrow mine because it is embarrassing!!


  4. Hi, Lisa, great to hear from you again! As for cameras--I have a digital Kodak EasyShare C913. I've had it since November, and I LOVE IT! I think that Canon cameras are great, too. Have you gotten yours yet?

    I hope that one day you can have a lilac bush in your yard! We have three--given to us by a former neighbor. He dug them out of his mother's yard and brought them to us. They are really BIG now.

    Hope you have a great day!!

  5. I feel your camera search pain...I want a camera, a blendtec blender, anda ssorted other big ticket items!! LOL!!

    OK, so I am Meredith from Tuesdays with Molly. You asked about my daughter's bedding. We were going for a "mix and match totally eclectic with a little shabby chic colors to match the already painted green walls and my girls have two different favorite colors" look! I will post this list on the blog but here it is for you:
    Quilt - Marshall's - Carol Little $39.99 Full/Queen
    Bedkirt - Ikea one I already had - don't remember what it cost.
    Sheet set - TJMaxx - Hillcrest Linens Dot to Dot I love these 310 threadcount, very soft and affordable - $29.99 for Full set
    Euro Shams - Home Goods (don't remember brand - I had bought them for my master and after a while I decided they didn't match but realized they worked with the girls room!
    Toss Pillows - 1 Homegoods, the other, I can't remember but was one of the above listed stores!

    I bought 2 different quilts, 3 sets of sheets, and assorted throw pillows until we got the look we wanted. I am happy. They are happy. They love it actually!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!! Keeping it real, we are kinda bad about getting our posts up but are trying to be better - at least 3 x per week!

  6. First - good for you for homeschooling and watching your children grow into productive, happy, healthy Christian adults! Gosh...I hope I'm remembering the right blog...I have several windows open. sigh. The writer Bombeck once said, 'growing old ain't for sissies!' She's right. -smile-

    Camera - there are a slew of them available. I've had a Kodak, three Canon's and a Nikon. They ranged in price from too many hundreds to $300 for the Nikon and $200 for one of the Canon's. One of the Canon's died and was replaced with a Nikon, Cool Pix.

    Do NOT get a camera that has a dedicated battery; get one that uses AAA batteries. It's easy to find AAA batteries but the dratted dedicated battery always seems to fail just when you need the camera.

    There are 10 megapixel cameras for around $300, thinking of the Nikon here. I replaced the Canon with the Nikon because the Nikon has a much better lens. The older point and shoot digital Canon I have is heavy duty; that's the one I like to carry in my pocket when I'm feeding the horses and sheep, fixing fence, in general doing farm chores. The Nikon is a much lighter in weight camera but the lens is so much better. It's a 50mm, basically, lens.
    Do buy some of those plastic sheets to cover the view finder; it prevents the view finder from getting scratched up. Very important!
    Best of success in your search.