Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Saw God Today......

A couple of days ago my oldest son Tucker asked me some really deep questions.....Let me first give you some history on my oldest....He is 7, he is a typical first born boy, very strong willed, challenges everything I say but has the sweetest heart....we started homeschooling him (and his 5 y/o brother) this year and it has been the very best decision we have ever made. I think I missed so much of him while he was at school. I missed seeing him learn, seeing him grow, as well as seeing him struggle...homeschooling for us has been amazing adventure and I can only see it getting better and better. But enough of my love for homeschooling.

Tucker asks all important question that I think we all want to know the answers to....
Tucker: Momma, if God new that Adam and Eve were going to eat that apple...why did he let them? Does God like snakes? Because I like snakes and I want one. Momma, do we still see God like Adam and Eve did? I mean is he here walking with us and talking with us for real?
Me: Well Tucker....I think we see God differently than Adam and Eve did. I think we see him in sunrises or sunsets, in miracles. I think when mommies love there babies we can see God. I think when we look outside and see all of God's beauty we see God. God is here, know that for sure. You can talk to him whenever you want and if you grow and learn and listen you will hear Him better and better all the time. Oh and yes God likes snakes but NO we cannot have a snake!!!!

Well needless to say, I think my little boy, has more of a grasp on "Getting it" than I ever have....just the fact that he asks the questions and is thinking these things. It amazes me when he gets to thinking and is asking me questions....to think I could have been missing out on this.
I think this is God's way of showing me Himself. I SAW GOD TODAY!

So throughout this post I have placed pictures of my yard, my kids, my home......I hope you enjoy and I hope you see God today in your own lives.